Cordros Chase


Cordros Chase is an investor solution provider which is designed to unlock the value of outstanding and unclaimed entitlements of investments in Nigerian quoted securities (equities and bonds) on behalf of her clients.
Cordros Chase is targeted at all categories of investors ranging from the low income earners, High Networth Individuals (HNI's) and corporates, Cooperative societies, Estate (Transmission) account clients etc to solve problems being faced with the tracking, collection/retrieval of such benefits as a result of loss/damages, disability/death of benefactors and/or transfer of ownership as related to equities and bonds.


  • Simply open a brokerage account with Cordros Capital Limited, by completing the KYC process.
  • Provide basic information on your investment portfolio and provide us with authorization letter(s)
  • Intending clients shall pay a non refundable commitment fee and provide us with an Indemnity Letter or fill out our Indemnity form.

We would then leverage on our cordial relationship with various company registrars to promptly reconcile actual shareholding against benefits and entitlements received.
''Cordros Chase'' would normally be concluded within a period between one week to six months depending on the complexity of the portfolio and peculiar circumstances''.


  • Process transmission of shares of deceased person(s).
  • Tracking/Retrieval of outstanding;
  • Dividend warrant, Return money.
  • Share Certificates-Public Offers, Bonus
  • Shares, Right Issues shares and other correspondences.
  • Reconciliation of account: Dividend/Certificates account.
  • Nominal Transfer of shares
  • Processing of Inter-member transfer from active/inactive stockbroking firms.
  • Process requests for change of name/merging of accounts.

For enquires about Cordros Chase, please call 0700 267 3767 or email