Yes. This value is however fully available for your use in trading once the account opening is complete, save for charges for BVN verification (N50) and Stamp duty charge (N50) as applied by the CBN for all transactions

Please give our Customer Contact Center a call immediately on +234 01 9049041-2 or send us a mail to cordrostradebutton@cordros.com

Yes you can. Simply click on the LIVE TRADING icon to the top right of your landing page once logged into your account.

Yes you do. At close of the trading day, you get a Contract Note detailing your transactions for the day. However once you place a deal on the system, you get an email notification of that transaction and once the transaction executes you get a notification of execution for that transaction

Presently, we are working on activating this feature. It should be available in the next week or two.

Presently, we are working on activating this feature. It should be available in the next week or two. Only your registered account with us can be funded using this feature.

Once your trade is keyed in, you'lll get a pop-up immediately after clicking a Buy/Sell. Scroll to the bottom of the trading page to see the status of all your trades. Typically, for market deal, execution is instant.

Market orders are orders placed at the prevailing market price. This means that once placed, the system would execute such orders immediately there is a supply (Buy/Sell) at the current market trading price.

Limit orders are orders where you set a specific price for the execution of your deal (Buy/Sell). Unless that price is met by a matching deal, such deals will be queued and stay pending until the price is reached and then they are executed.

No. All orders are DAY ORDERS. Day orders simply means that if your orders are not executed within the trading day it was traded, then the order expires and need to be keyed in on the next trading day.

We are currently working on a HINT page which would be available to all customers and would contain basic market outlook by our research team.

Yes. If the deal (Buy/Sell) is a LIMIT order and is still in PENDING or PARTIALLY FILLED. Only unfilled deals can be cancelled.

Yes. All you have to do is contact cordrostradebutton@cordros.com and a sample of a stock transfer letter will be sent to you to adopt. Once we receive the instruction from you, we will initiate the transfer through the CSCS at no cost whatsoever.

With web access, you are totally in charge of your stock account. This can be accessed through your Ipads, Androids and Blackberry devices from anywhere and at anytime.

Yes, this is likely to happen when an equity is on FULL BID. In such a case, it is required that you place a price at which you want to BUY or SELL. Where this is not done, because there is not matching order on the SELL side, such a deal would be rejected by the NSE. This goes for both FULL BIDS and FULL OFFERS.

Normally, when a deal is canceled by a customer, our systems confirms from the NSE to get a status and then moves to roll back the funds for that deal. The same process happens when a deal fails, however, where a response is not gotten from the NSE's system on immediate query to acertain the status of that deal, the amount for that specific deal is held by the system in LIEN. All lien accounts are rolled back once confirmation is gotten or in extreme cases, at the close of market when final updates are done.

Cordros Capital Limited (www.cordros.com) is a boutique investment banking firm focused in the following business areas: Securities Trading, Corporate Advisory, and Asset Management with a robust research platform serving as support to our business functions.

Kindly follow our detailed user manual or tutorial video in our downloads tab.

Yes. Kindly follow our payment manual in our downloads.

Yes. You would recieve daily market update and weekly reports. Also yu can click on our research icon to get stock pickand further information on the market.

There is no limit on your trades.

This feature is currently not available.

No. Once a sale is executed the proceeds reflect in your account and can be used to trade. Please note for withdrawals you would have to wait for the settling period which is T +3.

2. We have an excellent turnaround time as we have set up a roburst infrasturture to ensure limited downtime.

Click on the open an account icon and follow the instructed steps.

After you have completed the account opening process you would need to fund your account to enable your trade.

Yes you can, and we would assist you with the inter-member process.

You would be in charge of managing your account.

Our daily research report gives detailed information with regard to the stock market performance.

Our research information would be able to guide on which stocks to Buy/Sell.

Yes you can. Just follow the account opening process and attach all requested documents.

Your order status would be filled.

Yes you can. Kindly click on the research icon.